Why should you cycling escape Battambang city?

Embrace your sense of adventure with an authentic, exciting, and sustainable bicycle tour in the Cambodian countryside around Battambang by Bicycle Tour. Experience the diversity, complexity, and beauty that is Cambodia.

Battambang Bicycle Tour is an eco-friendly bike tour and is a Khmer local-run company. Besides taking tourists to view a truly insight of Khmer landscape, we also believe in the power of education and the development of entrepreneurship.

With Battambang’s French colonial architecture and numerous artsy cafes you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you visit the second largest city in Cambodia.

It’s not only the atmosphere of the town that brings people here but also one of the world’s most unique train experiences, the Bamboo Train. Enjoy a piece of historic Cambodia on your journey through this town, which has so much more to offer than meets the eye.

Our stance reflects the ultimate aim of our company and community: To create local, empowered, and independent Khmer employers and employees who will ultimately contribute to the development of Cambodia’s local economy and the environment.

All tours are led by local English-speaking guides Battambang Bicycle leader for tour who are more than happy to share about the country they know and love. By choosing to take our tours, you will be inevitably be contributing to the local communities we engage with on a regular basis.

Guides and Benefiting Communities

Begun by a group of local leaders work as a team from Battambang Trip, Battambang’s bicycle tours are focused on landscapes and sights or traditional life in the local area. The traditional-livelihoods tour gets rave reviews from visitors, and the company also runs tours by tuktuk and car.

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