Battambang Waterfall Tour

Waterfall Tour in Battambang

Tour in Battambang Waterfall Like all waterfalls, the rainy season is the best time to go with the water flowing best then. But there are still pools of clean water to cool off in during the dry season and the heavily forested hills provide nice scenery. Locals and folks on holiday from Battambang come here on weekends and holidays and the well-worn pathways and picnic spots are safe for your use. Hiking to the upper level brings you to more pools. Your best bet for getting out here is to take a guide or have one lead the way, as there are several turns on unmarked small roads.

Most beautiful local attraction in Battambang, it was capital Khmer had been cover jungle, secret spot of waterfall in Ochaom village. this adventure tour will be walk in the forest about one kilo.

What to expect

Window (Memai) Bridge

We will meeting at Pomme and have some drinks before we leave . At the first thing, we will go to see Window (Memai) bridge and see village and countryside.

We will stop to on the way and have breakfast at local restaurant . then continue again till noon time. so always we will be stop on the way when we see amazing things and take some photos.

Ochaom Waterfall

Around 12PM, we will reach Ochaom village. we will leave our transport at community. we will bring one guide to take us by foot to climb mountain about 1Km. then we will rest on top of mountain then have lunch around 1PM.

Prasat Snueng temple

We will return back and take road number 57. we will have time to see paper, corn, cassava farms. then continue to see Prasat Snueng temple along the way.

Bat Cave

The last thing, we will be waiting see million of bats at Phnom Sampov . we will be here till bats fly out and the finish our full day trip and back town.

Trip Facts

  • Transportation : Car
  • Group-Size : 3 to 4/P
  • Destination : Battambang to Somlot District
  • Meals : Drinks, Breakfast, Lunch with local in village
  • Meeting : Pomme Agency Tour
  • Duration:10/Hours
  • Cost for car transport $80