Local Handicraft in Battambang
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Handicraft Tour

“Battambang Handicraft Tour” meant in tour there are local products but also this handicraft tour of Battambang still can see tourist attraction as Bamboo Train and…

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Short tour in Battambang
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Short Tour

Battambang short Tour do with the main thing in Battambang and it’s easy for tourists who don’t have much time in Battambang Province. So Battambang short tour recommend…

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Motorbike adventure tour around Battambang
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Motorbike Tour

The first and longest running resident battambang motorbike adventure tour operator. Battambang Motorbike Tour specializes in day and multi-day tours on 125cc Honda Dream motorbikes….

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Tour in Battambang
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Full Day Tour

Battambang is Cambodia‘s second most populous city and a popular tourist destination due to the many nearby ancient temples, Buddhist shrines and the famous bamboo…

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Cambodia tour map
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Nationwide of Cambodia Tour

Cambodia Tour use taxi with best English speaking driver in Battambang. Recently, Cambodian government is trying the best to promote our country’s tourism to the…

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Bike tour for full day in Battambang
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Full Day Bike Tour

Full Day Bike Tour This is a fun way to explore the countryside around southern Battambang. The full day bike tour is organized for cyclists…

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Bike tour for half day
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Half Day Bike Tour

This popular tour allows visitors to escape the Battambang city center to explore local villages by bicycle. On the tour, you will learn about the…

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Angkor tour three days
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Three Day Angkor Tour

“Three-day of Angkor Tour“Siem Reap is a province located in the northwest region of Cambodia. There are many tourism sites in this province such as…

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Battambang Boat to Siem Reap
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Boat to Siem Reap

If time is on your side, the most beautifully adventurous journey from between Battambang and Siem Reap by boat if you take a journey from…

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Border of Poipet to Battambang
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Poipet Border to Battambang

The best way to reach Cambodia from Thailand, should be choose border of Poipet to Battambang and it’s a better choice that easy traveling to…

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