Why should choosing guide?

Why choose guide service ?

Cambodia is a small country, but it offers everything. There are two main reasons why you should visit Battambang : 1; it offers an incredible amount of history and culture. 2; its nature is amazing : it ranges from Mr Lychee for visit Battambang or Siem Reap. If you’re planning to visit Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a must-visit country. Here you can find reasons why.

Some tourists feel like they want to explore Cambodia without guide & come upon adventure on their own trip, others like to get local perspective and guidance throughout their tour surrounding. What do you wish when you are traveling ? All travelers want a great holiday but many also desire a meaningful with their trip. But if you are traveling with local guide, you can make your holiday meaningful while also giving you a great experience!

Here are few reasons why you should get a local guide. Travelling offers you a unique experience: You can get out of your comfort zone, confront yourself with the history of distant countries and learn something new. Sometimes, the lesson can be painful.

For example : if you use our trip service in Battambang, you will learn about livelihood, culture & custom, economic, history and some other current issue that are happening in Battambang. We’re sure that people can travel by observing & can learn by seeing or reading.

The best way to travel around town in Cambodia is by guide. These tips will help you negotiate the price, stay safe, and get to your destination. What is the current rates for best tour guide in Battambang ? We don’t want to get ripped of, but also don’t want to bargain unreasonable.

What does a full day mean? Is it from early morning to evening, including some hours break midday, or is it just in one stretch from morning to afternoon etc?

Having a local guide, you will not only keep you from making these mistakes but they will help you understand the cultural rationale for different practices. Learning more local daily life and help you understand the politest way to engage with them & minimize cultural misunderstanding. You can enjoy your holiday with no any concern about acting wrong in the new culture.

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