Wat Ek Phnom Temple

Wat Ek Phnom is an angkorian temple located on the left bank of the Sangkae River near the G Peam Aek spot approximately 13 km north of the city of Battambang in north western Cambodia. It is a Hindu temple built in the 11th century under the rule of king Suryavarman I. Although partly collapsed and looted it is famous for its well-carved lintelsand pediments.

Wat Phnom Temple was built in 1027 AD, by Suryavarman I.

An enormous white-stone sitting Buddha statue leads to the modern Buddhist pagoda Ek Phnom surrounded by 18 Bodhi Trees. The site is deemed as a very popular picnic and pilgrimage destination for Khmers at celebration times. The pagoda opens the way to the ruins of the ancient hinduist temple. The ancient temple, built of sandstone blocks and enclosed by the remains of a lateriteouter wall and a Baray, consists of small temples or prasats on a platform and measures 52m by 49m. Mostly reduced to ruins today only the main towers of the temple remain standing whose upper flanks hold some fine bas-reliefs.